Forest Creature” (Pickering Public Library, 2023)

Aftermath” (one-act play; produced by Soulpepper Theatre Alumni Intensive, 2015)

Creative Non-fiction & Technical Articles

I Lost My Dad. Here Are the 7 Words I Wish I’d Never Been Told at His Funeral (Huffington Post, 2023)

Changing faces: Looking to the future of the global watch industry (Jewellery Business, 2019)

How VFDs were updated for Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (Electrical Business, 2019)

Montreal’s Olympic Park takes integrated approach to energy-efficient retrofits (Energy Manager Canada, 2019)

VicenzaOro: The jewellery revolution (Jewellery Business, 2018)

Dana’s Goldsmithing remodels to connect where it counts (Jewellery Business, 2018)

Integration and innovation at a Toronto school and community centre (Construction Canada, 2017)

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